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Manage Your Users

Access your User Accounts in one of three ways.

Add A User

You may establish as many users as necessary with their own login credentials for control panel access. In fact, we recommend you set up more than one user as we can only provide certain information to persons listed in the account.

To add a user, click the button in the upper right corner and complete the form. Once established, each user may edit their own username and password.

Primary Contact: The primary contact is a person to be contacted in the case of questions or notifications. The primary contact will receive periodic newsletters. Multiple primary contacts are acceptable.

Any user assigned a roll of "administrator" may add and delete user accounts.

Who Should Have Login Credentials and Why

WHO? Any person who needs access to donation reports, donor information or deposit information should have their own login credentials.

A charity may have as many user accounts as necessary to conduct business -- there is no limit or charge for user accounts.

WHY? Shared user accounts pose a security risk. Consider this.

  • What happens when a former employee leaves the charity? You hope that they are honest enough to not use or sell your donors information.

  • What happens if an employee sells their laptop, or loses a cell phone with the stored login credentials?

  • What happens if an employee changes donor information, donation amount of a recurring donation, or a recurring donation is cancelled and you later receive a call from the donor questioning the change? The reason for the change may be valid, but if the staff person is using shared login credentials there is no way of knowing which staffer made the change. (The Modification Log only records the user identified in the control panel.)

When an employee leaves the charity, make sure to delete that user's login credentials.

User Levels

When established a user you should assign a user level.

  • Administrator - has access for all functions: updating the charity account profile and user accounts, adding and updating fundraising pages, updating recurring account information, processing payments, etc.

  • User - has access to update their own username and password and to view transaction information. A user may not process payments or make other updates on the account.

2-step Verification

You may also use the Users edit page to turn on or turn off 2-step verification.

Two-Step Verification (2SV) is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to the GiveDirect Control Panel. In addition to asking for a username and password, 2SV requires an additional verification factor, which decreases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.

When turned on, at the next log in, you will receive a message that your account is using 2-step Verification. Click the Green "Send Me The Code" button. Check your email and enter the code from the email into the field provided.

If you are using a trusted device (your normal home or office computer), you may click the "Trust this device" check box. If you do not click the trusted device check box, you will be required to enter a code each time you log in.