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Transaction Fees

Credit/Debit Card Transactions fee are based on three components:

  • a credit card percentage (the fee GiveDirect is charged by the major credit card companies)
  • a per transaction fee
  • a platform percentage (our cost to maintain and improve the platform [control panel and payment forms])

eCheck transaction fees are based on two components:

  • a platform percentage
  • a per transaction fee

Employer Match (EM) fees are calculated at 15% of the original transaction. EM donations are charged transactions fees as outlined above, plus the EM Matching fee. You may read more about EM fees in the Related Article "Employer Match Donation."

Credit Card processing fees are non-refundable. Employer Match fees are only refundable in the event the donor's employer denies the matching request.

Where can I see my fees

The charity can see the transaction processing percentages in the Account Profile page.

To see the fees applied to each donation, go to the View Individual Transactions link on the Deposit Detail page. Read more about this in the "How To Use View Deposits" tab.