Help Guide

Adding/Creating a Campaign (template design)

To create a form using one of our pre-designed templates (donation, employer match or gift dedication), go to Fundraising Forms.

Figure 1

Use the "Add A New Campaign" button (Figure 2 [1]) at the top of the page, select the form type from the drop down list, then use the editing features page to add your logo, text, colors, and other special features for your new campaign.

The form types available are:

  • Donation: This is a general use form for accepting designated and general fund contributions.
  • Employer Match: This form is designed to facilitate employer matching donations. The donor will choose their employeer from a drop-down list.
  • Event: This is a special use form for fundraising events what require special handeling, such as ticket sales, sponshorships, auctions, or registrations.
  • Membership: This form uses custom formatting with new and re-newing membership options determined by the organization.

OR...Use the Duplicate button (Figure 2 [2]) to replicate a form already populated with your logo and colors, etc. You may still edit other features for the new campaign using the editing features page.

Figure 2

Make sure to assign a unique form name. This form name will be used in the Transaction and Deposit Reports to identify the campaign contributions.

Figure 3

Creating a Campaign (custom design)

A custom designed form is any form that requires more than what can be accomplished with the template design. It can be an event or registration page, membership, sales or auction items, or a donation form with specific requirements such as recurring only.

The custom form has two components:

  1. those items that the charity can do (i.e., colors, logo, background color or graphic, and custom email setup), and
  2. the section(s) that GiveDirect must create (i.e., ticket sales, registration input fields, etc.)

After one has created and assigned a form name and edited the form colors, (as described above) please contact GiveDirect Technical Support with the custom requirements.

Deactivate an Old Form

Once your campaign is finished or a form no longer needed, it should be deactivated. This will prevent unintentional donations to an inactive campaign and also prevent card testers from using that form.

To deactivete a form go to campaigns > Fundraising Forms and select the form to be deactivated. Click on the "Deactivate This Form" button at the top of the page.

Figure 4

Reactivate A Payment Form

To reactivate a payment form, go to Fundraising Forms from either the top navigation bar or the main menu item under "My Campaigns."

At the top of the campaign forms list page are several check boxes. The default is "Show Active Only." Click on the checkbox to "Include Inactive" and "Search Now."

Inactive forms will be displayed at the bottom of the list in reverse numerical order.

Click the reactivate button.

The page will revert back to the forms list. Locate the form number/name and click the green edit button to edite the form.

When locating current campaign transactions in your reports section, make sure to include dates in the date range fields.