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Google Analytics and Tracking

If you are using Google Analytics for your web site tracking, then the best way to track your GiveDirect traffic is to add your Google Tag Manager ID or Google Analytics ID to your GiveDirect forms. Once you do this, hits to your GiveDirect forms will show up in your Google Analytics account - both hits to the donation form and hits to the receipt page that indicate a successfully completed donation.

Google Analytics ID

Go to the Form Edit page for any of your forms in the GiveDirect control panel. Navigate to the next to last page of the edit sections or click on "Google Analytics and AdWords" in the left menu bar. Add your Universal Analytics ID to the Google Analytics field (your Universal Analytics ID starts with "UA-"), add your AdWords ID and labels, and save the changes.

You can test that the Analytics ID is being hit on your donation form by opening your donation form page in a browser tab and then opening your Google Analytics page in another tab.

On the Google Analytics Home tab, you should be able to see your donation page and donation form listed in the "Active Users right now" pane.

In the Realtime tab, click Overview. You should be able to see both pages also listed in Active Pages.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Conversion Tracking

The receipt page of your donation form is configured to send an Ecommerce Transaction to Google Analytics. The transaction sends the GiveDirect donation id number and the amount. To use this tracking, you need to set up Ecommerce Tracking in your Google Analytics account.

Here is an article with the instructions.

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

We have two standard AdWords conversion scripts running. The first runs when the donation page is viewed. The second runs when the receipt page is viewed to indicate a completed donation.

Both scripts use the same AdWords ID value. You can assign a conversion label for the donation page and a separate label for the receipt page (see figure 1 above). The receipt page tracker also sends the donation amount as a value.