Help Guide

Cover The Fee

Cover the Fee allowes your donor to pay the processing fees for you. This means you get to keep more of the gift for your programs.

The fee will be automatically calculated for the donors. All they need to do is check the box and the updated total (donation + cover the fee) will be displayed at the bottom of the form.

If the donor has a recurring donation and would like to add cover the fee, he may edit his account from the Online Management System at or by calling either the charity or GiveDirect Customer Service.

The charity has access to update a recurring donation amount (donation and cover the fee) by going to the Recurring Payment section of the Control Panel. Click into the donation detail page to update the amount(s).

For more information about updating a recurring donation, please see the related article, "Update Transaction Information."

What goes on the Donor's Acknowledgement

Your acknowledgment to the donor should cover the full amount of the donation: the donation amount plus the cover the Fee amount.