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Email Receipt

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Your contributors will receive an email receipt each time a successful payment is processed. A standard receipt will be sent if you have not created a custom email.

Where Can I See The Receipt?
Go to "Email Receipts" under "My Campaigns" in your control panel.

Customizing The Receipt

Each campaign or fundraising form can have its own custom email receipt.

To customize a receipt, select your form from the drop-down box, then click "Create a Custom Email."

Use the full-featured text editor to create the email.

Make sure to include your tax ID and special tax-exempt language if you want your donor to use the email as his tax receipt.

We have included buttons for pre-designated merge fields (name, address, date, amount, etc.), logos and seals, and social media icons for your use.

Insert links, images, or embed a video.

Once complete, save your work. Preview your email (using the button at the top of the page) and/or send a test email.

Modify An Existing Email

To modify a current custom email, select the appropriate form from the drop-down menu and click Go. This will take you to the edit page.

Repeat the steps above.

How To Resend An Email Receipt

To resend an email receipt to your donor:

  • Go to Transaction Reports
  • Find the transaction using the search fields on the left
  • Click the Transaction ID to get into the payment detail page
  • At the bottom of the Contact Information section, click on the link for Resend Email Receipt