Help Guide

Campaign Forms Overview

GiveDirect Form Features include:

  • Mobile friendly payment forms
  • Donor option to pay credit card processing fees (aka Cover The Fee)
  • Employer Matching
  • Recurring option (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • In honor or in memory designation
  • Custom drop-down, check box, and text input fields
  • Credit card and eCheck payment methods
  • Control Panel to manage and monitor transactions and account profile
  • Standard or custom email receipt to donor
  • Event and Membership forms
  • Fundraising Progress Bar
  • Embed a form into your web site

Email Notifications

A courtesy email notification is sent to the charity and the donor for each successful transaction. Each form may have a different notification address, but only one address per form is allowed. For distribution to multiple recipients, consider using a generic address such info@, donations@, admin@, or establishing a forwarding rule in your email software.

Charities may have a standard or custom email for each form tailored to the form's purpose.