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Form Types

GiveDirect currently offers these form types:

All forms are offered free of charge. This includes those forms that we customize for you (Event and membership) as well as assistance in incorporating the custom features in the template-designed donation form.

For additional information about signing up for a full custom form, such as Event or Membership, or for requesting assistance in customizing your donation form, please contact or call our toll-free number 866-459-6420.

Donation Form

A donation form is offered via a template design and may be "customized" using any of the features offered on the edit page. This includes, but is not limited to, your logo or picture/logo graphic, colors and/or background image, amount buttons, optional features such as a drop-down selection list or input field(s), and Google analytics tracking.

For more information about customizing your donation form, please see the related article in this section above called "Customize a Form."

Donation Form Example

Event Form

An Event form is a full custom design created for you by our staff. An Event form can be customized for activities such as your annual gala, a walk-a-thon or golf tournament, a silent auction, or perhaps a training seminar: anywhere you sell tickets, offer sponshorship opportunities, or need to collect registration information.

As soon as you know the type of event and the type of information you need to solicite on your form, give us a call so we can discuss all the options and possibilities. The event form and the design service is offered free of charge.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks prior to your event for us to create and test your form.

Simple Ticketed Event
Event with Tickets, Sponsorships and Advertising
Luncheon with Tables and Tickets
Golf Tournament
Conference Registration
Calendar Order Page

Free Event or Registration Form

A Free Event form is used when there is no enterance fee or charge for attending your event (such as a seminar) but you still need to collect registration information or reservations.

Free Event Example

Membership Form

A Membership form is designed for those organizations that offer new and re-newing membership opportunities. Membership may be offered annually or at whatever frequency identified by the organization.

Coming in 2020, the organization will have the option of choosing the month in which the membership renews. For example, a member may sign up in March, but the organization may want future memberships to revew in January. The organization will have the option of changing that renewal processing month.

Membership Form - example 1
Membership Form - example 2

Employer Match Form

Although the Employer Match (EM) option is standard on the donation form, many charities appreciate the opportunity to offer their donors a form specifically designed for Employer Match donations. All the same procedures apply to EM donations whether processed from the donation form or an Employer Match specific form.

For more information about Employer Match donations, please see the related artical "Employer Match Donations."

Employer Match Form Example