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What is the Donor's Portal

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The Donor's Portal is the online portal where a recurring donor or organizational membership holder may manage his own recurring transaction.

The donor may change any information in his recurring account such as credit card number or expiration date, increase/decrease the contribution amount, update street or e-mail address, and stop a recurring contribution. He may also see his giving histroy and print a year end statement.

If the donor prefers personal interaction, he may still contact the charity or contact GiveDirect at 866-459-6420.

An alternate method of changing account information is for the donor to set up a new recurring contribution online from the charity’s web site. However, if the donor chooses to set up a new transaction online, the charity must ensure the old transaction is cancelled.

Failure to cancel an earlier recurring account may result in undesired charges or confusing emails to the donor (notifications of failed transactions or cancellations).