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The Difference Between Refunds and Chargbebacks

Deposits are made in good faith that your donors will not dispute transactions which result in a chargeback or a refund. If a transaction is disputed, and amounts are refunded to the donor after a deposit to the charity is made, the organization is responsible to reimburse GiveDirect for such amount(s). If the refunded amount exceeds the next scheduled deposit amount, the deficit will be debited from the charity's bank account on the next regular deposit date.

The difference between a Chargeback and a Refund:

A refund is processed when a donor requests that the donation be refunded. This can include accidental duplicate or multiple charges, or an incorrect amount.

A chargeback (CB) is when the donor calls his or her card issuer to file a dispute and the credit card issuer initiates a refund through the CB process.

For more information on Chargebacks, please see "Chargebacks" in the Transaction Reports section.