Help Guide

Expiring Credit Cards

GiveDirect uses a system called "Account Updater" which is a feature that automatically requests updates for vaulted payment methods in the event that a donor's vaulted card expires or is replaced -- helping to avoid failed transactions or gaps in payments.

In conjunction with the Account Updater system, for monthly and quarterly donors, an email is sent to the donor once his card has expired along with instructions for updating his account.

Annual donors are sent a notice one month prior to the transaction processing date, reminding them of the payment and asking them to review the payment method we have on file.

In both cases, the email will direct the donor to the Online Management System at to update his account. If the account is not updated within 30 days of the notice, the transaction will be cancelled and the donor and the charity notified of the cancellation.

The donor may have his transaction reactivated by calling the charity or GiveDirect and providing new payment information.