Help Guide

General Policies

Recurring transactions are processed on or about the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, recurring transactions may by delayed until the next business day.

  1. Recurring contributions run until the donor or charity requests termination. The GiveDirect platform does not have an option to specify a recurring term. If a donor or member makes such a request in the form's comment field, it is incumbent upon the charity to monitor such request and cancel the transaction through the Control Panel at the appropriate time.

  2. A recurring payment will not be processed twice within a calendar month unless requested by the contributor. The automatic processing by GiveDirect does not start until the month following origination.
    • For example, if your donor starts a new dontion on the 5th of February, the next processing date will be March 15th.

  3. A recurring payment that fails to go through on the 15th of the month due to an invalid card number, and is subsequently updated through the Online Management System by the donor or member prior to the end of the month, will be automatically reprocessed for the missed contribution. However, if the account is not updated until the following month, the previous months' payment will not be reprocessed without a request from the donor or charity.
    • For example, if a recurring payment fails to go through on February 15th and the donor updates his credit card information before February 28th through the Online Management System, the recurring payment would automatically be reprocessed for the missed February payment. However, if the account is not updated until after March 1st, the payment would not be reprocessed for the missed February payment without a request from the donor or charity since the update did not happen within the same month as the missed donation.

  4. If card information is updated by the charity, the charity must request that any missed payments be reprocessed by calling/emailing GiveDirect -- there is no automatic processing function in the charity's control panel.

  5. An account updated for an expired card, either by the donor or the charity, will not automatically be reprocessed. The donor or charity must request make up of any missed donation(s) by calling/emailing GiveDirect.