Help Guide

How to Find Reccuring Accounts about to Expire

Create Expiring Card Report

There are two methods of finding cards with expiring dates: using the search fields on the left, or using the quick links.

The first is to use the search fields on the left to find a single expiration date (month and year).

  • Go to Recurring Transactions
  • In the field for expiration date, enter the 4 digit date (MMYY) (i.e., "0524" for May 2024 or "1220" for December 2020)
  • Also select either "all active" or the frequency desired in the "recurs" drop-down field so you only pull active
  • You may now download the data to use as necessary

The second method is to run a report of ALL active donors and then download that data.

  • From the Recurring Transactions report section
  • Use the quick links in the middle of the page to find all active recurring payments (Figure 1)
  • Click on the download icon (Figure 2 below)
  • Select the database fields you want to see in the report, to include "card last 4 / expiration date" (Figure 3 below)
  • Click Create CSV file

You may now go to your computer's download location to open your CSV file are sort or manipulate the data as necessary.