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Many donors believe that having a recurring transaction infers having an account in the Donor's Portal. However, the donor must create an account (set up a password) before he may use the portal to access the payment details of his recurring transaction.

Creating and Accessing the Donor's Portal Account

Donors may create their account using these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Manage a recurring donation.”
  • If this is the donor's first visit to the Donor's Portal, click the “Set Up Your Login” link. There will be four identifying questions the donor must answer. If he has forgotten any of the required information, the charity will find the data in his recurring record.
  • If the donor already has login credentials but has forgotten his password, he must use the "Forgot Password" button and a password reset link will be emailed to the address in the record.
  • Upon first access, the donor will be asked to establish a permanent password.

As of Feb 2020, donors will be prompted to create their login credentials at the time they create a new recurring donation. The prompt will link the donor directly to the "Set-up Your Login" page in the Portal.

Updating Account Information

Once logged in, the donor may change/update his payment method (card number and/or expiration date), increase/decrease the contribution amount, update his mailing or email address, or stop his recurring contribution. He may also view/download a transaction history.

Linking Multiple Accounts

If the donor has more than one recurring transaction associated with the same email address, the accounts may be “linked” so the donor can access all of his transactions using the same login credentials. To have accounts linked, please email GiveDirect at

Verify Existing Account Status

To see whether a donor already has login credentials, go to "Recurring Payments" in your control panel and enter the donor's name in the search fields. (Ensure there are no dates in the date range fields and click "Search.") On the next screen, click on the transaction ID to get into the detail page. At the bottom of the detail page is a section titled "Online Management System." If the donor has login credentials you can see the login name here.