Help Guide

Recurring Transaction Overview

You may manage, update or cancel recurring transactions from the Recurring Payments page.

Transactions you see in the Recurring Payments area are the transactions that hold the "flag" that tells GiveDirect to process a payment on a recurring basis. To make a change that affects all future payments, updates and edits must occur in the Recurring Payment record.

Activity seen in "Transaction Reports" are those transactions that take place on any given day. The Transaction Reports area is where you will see one-time payments processed from your public website and the recurring payments processed by the GiveDirect system on the 15th of the month.

Recurring Transaction Search

Note: The Recurring Report menu has a blue background, whereas the Transactions (daily) Reports menu has a gray background.

  • Use the one-click reports quick links in the middle of the page or the search features on the left.
  • Make sure to delete any dates in the date range fields to ensure an accurate search.
  • Search for an individual contributor by using the name fields on the left, or find all recurring contributors by selecting the recurring frequency from the "Recurs" drop down field and click "Go." Note, no dates!

To display the detail page, click on the Transaction ID number. From the detail page you may modify the frequency, cancel the donation or membership, modify the payment amount, add a cover the fee amount, update the donor contact information, and enter new credit card information.