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I Am Not A Robot

Why is there an "I Am Not A Robot" on the payment form?

This function is useful in preventing bot (automated hacker) attacks. When an e-commerce form is available for public use, such as on your web site, it leaves the site readily accessible to automated hackers looking to test and subsequently steal credit card information. This does not mean that hackers are attempting to break into our secure server, rather they are testing credit card information they have previously stolen or bought on the black market.

The "I Am Not A Robot" (also known as CAPTCHA) software along with our IP address lock-out helps to eliminate hacker attacks.

We know through experience that the CAPTCHA software works, but it is optional. To turn off the "I Am Not A Robot" feature on your form, go to My Campaign>Fundraising Forms, and click on the green edit button. You will find the on/off toggel switch for "Captcha Required" in the Custom Form Option section.

What do I need to know about "I Am Not A Robot"?

Potential reasons for reports that the system does not work:

How to Help a donor who has trouble with "I Am Not A Robot"

A few of the problem areas above can be easily fixed by the donor. However, for an immediate customer-service-oriented solution, you should assist the donor in completing the payment.

In your Control Panel, you will find a link for Process A Payment (this requires administrator-level access). The link on your password protected Control Panel bypasses the public form's fraud prevention measures and does not use a captcha box.

Another option is to turn off the "I Am Not A Robot" widget. However, this is not recommend as a long-term fix due to hacker vunerability issues.

To report a problem with your "I Am Not A Robot" widget, please contact or call 866-459-6420.