Help Guide

Employer Matching

The Employer Match option is standard (but optional) on the payment form (Fig 1). The charity may also sign-up for a stand-alone Employer Match form.

Employer Match allows your donor to easily request that his employer match his online gift. While making a donation, the donor will find a drop down menu listing over 2,000 companies.

The donor will receive an email confirmation that GiveDirect has processed his payment. He will also receive an email from our third-party service provider, Amply, which will include simple, comprehensive instructions on how to complete the gift matching transaction. Many times this will direct the donor to his company's online portal.

The charity will also receive an email from Amply or the matching company. Make sure you respond to the verification email asking for basic information, such as your address and 501c(3) status. Ignoring this request will result in delayed or missed matching gifts.

Once the process is successfully completed, you will receive a check directly from the matching company, not through GiveDirect. Therefore, a non-refundable processing fee of 15% will be deducted from the original gift. Receipt of the matching gift may range between 30 and 120 days, depending on the employer's matching policies.

If the donor's gift does not meet the matching threshold set by the employer, or if the charity's cause is prohibited per the employer's donation policies, the charity will not be charged the matching fee. However, if the donor or charity does not follow through with email or action requests, the fee will stand.

You may locate your Employer Match gifts by clicking the Employer Match check box at the bottom of the Transaction Reports search fields. (Fig 2)

To turn employer matching off, go to My Campaigns > Fundraising Forms. Click the green edit button next to the form name. Click on "Custom Options" and change the radio button to no (off). Please read the related article "Managing Your Form's Content" (Custom Options section) for more information.

If you have questions about the employer match option, payments, or fees please contact or call our toll free number 866-459-6420.