Help Guide

How to Leave Notes and track Changes in Your Transactions


Any time the charity or GiveDirect staff make a change to a transaction, such as updating an address, correcting spelling errors, or changing a program designation, notes may be added as a reminder of the circumstances for the change.

Notes, whether entered by charity staff or GiveDirect staff, are maintained as a part of the record and visible through the Charitys Control Panel.

The notes field appears below the Payment Information section.

The Notes field should contain what happened and why.

The Modification Log to the right of the Notes field records the date, time, and user that made a change to the record. The Mod Log does not record "what" was changed.

In this example, the transaction was modified by GiveDirect staff (jlb). We indicated the date of the change, what happened, and why (requested by the charity). It is important to include who made the change especially if your charity shares login credentials.

Sharing login credentials is not recommended. Read more here.