Help Guide

Processing a refund?

From the Transaction Reports report summary page, click the Refund link next to the Approved status (pictured above). On the next page, enter the refund amount and click the button for "Issue A Refund"

After a refund is processed, you will see a message with the processing details.

What is a CB

A ChargeBack (CB) is a means of refund initiated by the donor through the donor's card issuer, vs a credit which is a means of refund initiated by the donor with the charity or GiveDirect.

When GiveDirect is notified of a CB through our bank, we will make an entry into the database, the charity will receive an email that a CB was entered, and funds will be withheld from the charity's next deposit.

Many times a donor will dispute transactions on his statement that he does not recognize or remember. It is therefore important that the charity contact all donors who file disputes.

If the CB is a result of a duplicate payment, no notification is necessary. However, if the donor is paying for services or merchandise, it is critical that the charity make contact with the donor to resolve any issues.

If the CB was made in error, the donor must contact his card issuer and ask for a CB reversal. Unfortunately, there is nothing that GiveDirect can do to facilitate a CB Reversal -- it is in the hands of the donor and his card issuer.

Caution: Once a dispute has been filed with a donor's card issuer, especially in the case of a duplicate payment, the dispute must be resolved through the card issuer/bank channels. Processing a credit after the dispute has begun may result in the charity loosing the transaction funds twice -- once for the credit and once for the CB.