Help Guide

Understanding the Transaction Summary Page

Transaction ID: As you review the summary list of your transactions, you will notice a Transaction ID number (number preceded with "GD" (general donation), "EV" (event), "ME" (membership), or "CM" (employer match)). Click the ID number to review the full transaction detail: donor name and contact information, amount and recurring frequency, payment information and any other information the donor entered into the form, such as gift dedication, employer match or custom fields.

Form Name: If you have multiple payment forms you may choose to see all transactions from all forms or refine the search by the specific form. To pull transactions for a specific form, use the "My Forms" drop down menu at the top left and select the form name. A unique form name should have been assigned in the Fundraising Form edit page at the time the form was created. That unique name is what will appear in the Form Label column. For additional information on form name, please read the related article "Customize Your Form" above.

Status: The Status column indicates whether the transaction was successfully processed or the reason for failure. Transactions with a status of "Approved" are the only ones that have been successfully processed. There are two types of failed transactions: one that was rejected by the donor's card issuer and one that was rejected by GiveDirect. A transaction rejected by the donor's card issuer includes invalid card number or expiration date. GiveDirect will reject transactions that fails to meet our security tests for correct billing zip or security code.

The status column will also include a transaction status of credit, void, chargeback and returned check.

Processing Credits: Charities may process their own Credits and Voids.

From the Search Results page, click the Refund link next to the Approved status. Select the refund type and refund amount.

A void may only be submitted for the full transaction amount and must be submitted prior to 10:00 p.m. CST on the same transaction day. A partial or full credit may be processed as necessary up to six months following the transaction day. Caution: a void is non-reversible.

If you attempt to void a transaction that has already settled you will receive an error message "The requested transaction can not be voided. Please select a refund type of Credit to process this refund." If this happens the transaction has already settled (that is, the card issuer has already submitted funds to our bank) and the refund must be reprocess as a credit.

Download Transactions: At the top and bottom of the transaction summary list is a link to print or to download the transaction details into an Excel spreadsheet. You can import the records into an in-house database or donor records system. All data collected on your forms can be included in the report. Read the section for "Download Transactions" in this help section for more information on creating a download report.

Transaction Search Results: The Control Panel is capable of displaying 5,000 records at a time. If your search request finds more than 5,000 records, even though you will not see them on the screen, all records may be downloaded into an Excel file.