Account Management

Account Settings

From the Account Settings page you can manage the following:

Additionally, you can find your account pricing on this page.

Organization Information

Manage the contact details for your organization in the Organization Information section.

If your organization has a name or EIN change, please email a copy of your new IRS 501c(3) letter so we can facilitate these changes to your account.

Note: The organization name on this page is for account purposes only. You may update the name your donor sees on your fundraising forms from the "My Campaigns > Fundraising Forms" area. For more information, read the related help guide section Create a Campaign.

If you have multiple fundraising forms and need to make address or phone number changes to all forms, use the "Apply this update..." checkbox so changes are posted to all forms rather than updating one at a time.

Principal Controlling Officer (PCO)

The principal of a corporation or charity is a person who has been authorized by the governing body of that organization to act on its behalf during any legal or tax matters that may arise. In practice this means a person who can sign documents that affect the charity, and the signature is binding.

A PCO may be an officer of the charity, such as president, vice president, founder, executive director, or a member of the board that has authority to act on behalf of the charity.

Read more about PCO, the purpose for collecting this infomation, and how we manage sensitive data in Principal Controlling Officer.

Bank Account

Use this page to update the bank account used for your GiveDirect deposits.

A new bank account needs to be verified with either a voided check or a bank letter before we can begin sending deposits to it.


If you have a logo on file, you will see it displayed. If not, or if it needs to be updated, use the "Submit A New Logo" button.

We ask that you upload your organization's logo for the donor's email receipt. You can customize the email receipt for any fundraising form. If you do not customize a receipt, the default email receipt uses your account logo.

Click the "Preview Standard Email Receipt" button to see what your donors will see then they receive an email receipt.


This page displays the debit/credit card fees and eCheck fees being charged.

All processing fees are deducted from transactions pre-deposit.