How To View And Reconcile Your Deposit

From the Deposits area of the control panel you may view all deposit information, including fees, adjustments, and individual transactions.

To access your deposits, from the Main Menu, go to View Deposits under Manage Account. Or use the top navigation bar and go to Payments > View Deposits. (Figure 1)

access deposit area
Figure 1

A list of deposits from the last 12 months is displayed. Click the "Show Detail" link to review each deposit's details.

To see deposits older than 12 months, use the "Search By Date" fields at the top of the page.

access deposit area
Figure 2

Deposit Detail/Summary

Figure 3

The "Deposit Detail" page will summarize the transactions included in the deposit.

To see a breakout of the total fees, click the blue button (Figure 3 (A)) in the "Fees" column.

The column will expand to show the individual fees (Figure 3 (B)) that make up the total fee amount.

Click on "View Transactions in this Deposit" (Figure 3 (C)) to see the list of transactions included in the deposit.

Transaction Detail

The Individual Transactions page will show the full financial detail of each transaction included in your deposit.

Download or print the detail using the buttons provided at the top right.

Click the transaction ID to redirect to the detail page in Transaction Reports where you may view full donor contact information.

Figure 4

Custom Field Reporting

You may also create a transaction report which includes specific custom input fields that you have incorporated into your payment form. (i.e., if you have a form that uses a program drop down list and you want to see a report with transactions sorted by those field selections.)

Select an item, or items, from the Custom Fields Report drop down list (Figure 5) and click the "Update Report" button. The report will then look something like the graphic shown in Figure 6.

Figure 5
Figure 6
Note: if you select more than a couple of custom fields at a time, your report will be very wide. Use the horizontal scroll bar for viewing.

Custom Field Map

Not sure which field to select? Check the Custom Field Map (circled in red above - Figure 6) to help you identify the correct entry (Figure 7).

Figure 7

Scale to Fit Printing Option

If you have trouble printing the deposit report with all columns on a single page width, check your printer settings. Different printers may manage their settings differently, but most (if not all) will give you the ability to change the scale and orientation on the printed report.

Trying to print all columns on a singel page width may make the print too small to read. If so, change your orientation from portrait to landscape. You may also need to experiement with the scale to maximize your print area.

Figure 7