Fundraising Campaigns

Email Receipts

When you create or edit a fundraising form, don't forget to also customize the email receipt. The email receipt is your first interaction with your donor after they have given to you. Giving thought to what this correspondence says will facilitate donor engagement and retention!

There are two ways to access your email receipts. To view a summary list of all Email Receipts, click Email Receipts either from the main menu or the top blue menu navigation bar.

On the summary list page you will notice a "preview" button next to each form name. Using the preview button will allow you to view all of your email receipts quickly and easily.

To edit any email receipt, click on the green edit button.

You can also access an individual email receipt directly from the Form Builder in the Email Receipts section.

In the Form Builder, you will find two email types: General Transaction and Recurring Payment. If you accept both one-time and recurring payments on your form, we encourage you to customize both email types.

Setting up your email

  1. Assign an email Nickname. (The nickname is for internal purposes only. Your donor will not see this name.)
  2. Assign the Subject Line Text. This is the subject line your donor will see in the email.
  3. Select a layout. Access the drop down list by clicking on the small down arrow on the far right. If you are not thoroughly familiar with html code, we recommend you use one of the pre-designated layouts.

Editing the Email Text

If you have used a text editor before (including Microsoft Word) you will be familiar with many of the icons and their uses so we will only highlight those areas that may be different or unique to this application.

Preview Changes: A new feature of the email edit function is the ability to preview your changes before saving. That way you won't overwrite your current layout if you don't happen to like your edits. Don't be afraid to poke around and experiment with different options and icons.

Merge Fields: To personalize your email use the Merge Fields. Add today's date, the transaction date, donation amount, donor name or contact information. If you are setting up a recurring payment receipt, you can also include recurring frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually).

To insert a merge field, place your cursor in the text box where you want the merge field to appear. Select the field from the drop-down list.

Social Media Icons: Add Social Media icons in the same manner. Place your cursor where you want the icon to appear and select the icon from the drop-down list. Make sure to link your icon with your social media account (web address) using the hyperlink icon that looks like two links of a chain.

Other Options: You can also add images, emoticons, or embed a video into your email receipt!

Make sure to save your changes. The preview button will allow you to see your changes in progress, but before they become active you must save your changes.

Bulk Update

If you have several email receipts and you have a change that needs to be applied to more than one receipt, use the Bulk Update option at the bottom of the page.

Use the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate response as to where you want the change to be applied.

Note: the Bulk Update feature will copy the complete email text and apply it to the other receipts you've chosen. Use with caution.

Best Practices For Custom Email

The email receipt is an important part of your donor's experience with your nonprofit. Your acknowledgement not only lets your donor know that the donation was received (processed) but allows you to show your appreciation and continue to communicate your message to them.

Use your Transaction Email Receipt to:

  • Tell how the donation will be used
  • Show how your cause helps people in their community
  • Feature testimonials from people you've helped
  • Include a Thank You image from your staff or clients
  • Include a Thank You video from your Executive Director or staff

Use your Recurring Payment Email Receipt to:

  • Provide updates on your latest endeavors
  • Include a serial video that you update each month
  • Invite donors to attend your fundraising event
  • Solicit volunteers

How To Resend An Email Receipt

To resend an email receipt to your donor:

  • Go to Transaction Reports
  • Find the transaction using the search fields on the left
  • Click the Transaction ID to get into the payment detail page
  • At the bottom of the Contact Information section, click on the link for Resend Email Receipt