Fundraising Progress Bar

The Fundraising Progress Bar is a tool to visually communicate the progress of your campaign with your supporters.

Showing your campaign goal and your progress towards that goal can motivate your donors and encourage contributions.

Display Options: Your Donation Form, Your Web Site, or Facebook

Add a Progress Bar to Your Campaign Form

From the Main Menu, go to Fundraising Forms.

Click the green edit button next to the form name.

In the sections menu, select Fundraising Progress Bar and change the radio button to "Yes."

Progress Bar Options

1. Set the progress bar color to be displayed.

2. Enter the campaign dates. These are the dates from which donations will be tallied and displayed on your progress bar.

Example: You are running an appeal and want to display a progress bar on your General Donation form, but you only want the progress bar to show the progress of this specific appeal - not your donations for all time. You will enter a Campaign Start Date and Campaign End Date that corresponds with the dates you want to track with the progress bar.

There will always be a start date. Your campaign dates can be as short as one day - like for a one day matching gift appeal. If you are running an open-ended campaign - like for a capital campaign - the end date may be indefinite, in which case you can leave the end date blank.

3. Enter the display dates. These are the dates during which you want to display the progress bar on your fundraising form.

Example: You are having your annual gala and you want to display a progress bar for two weeks around the time of the event. As part of your event preparation, you can set the Display Dates in advance and the progress bar will automatically be enabled and disabled on the dates you set.

If either the Campaign Start Date or the Display Start Date are left blank, the date will default to the day the progress bar was activated. If either of the end dates are left blank, the end date will be indefinate.

4. Enter the (optional) goal amount.

If a goal amount is not set, the progress bar will display the total amount raised for the given campaign dates and the number of contributors.

Here are examples of what the progress bar looks like with and without the goal amount set.

What Does a Progress Bar Look Like and Where Will I See It?

On large screens, the progress bar will appear at the top of the right column.

On small screens and on embedded forms, the progress bar will appear at the top of the page (under the logo if one is used).

Adding Cash and Check Transactions to your Progress Bar

Once your Progress Bar is added to a fundraising form, a new button labeled "Add A Transaction" will appear at the top of the Edit Form page.

Click the button to record any fundraising proceeds that are collected from other sources like checks and cash. The amount will be added to your fundraising total and will be calculated in the progress bar.

You can see the amounts you've added by clicking on the "View Added Transactions." You can also see the added transactions in your Transaction Reports. The donor's name will not appear in the transaction report, so keep that information recorded elsewhere.

If you find on error in the added transaction(s), you may delete that transaction and re-enter it.

How are Processing Fees Handled in the Progress Bar?

If a contributor chooses to cover the donation's processing fee, this amount is not counted toward your fundraising goal amount. The fee cover amount should be credited toward your program expenses. The donation amount is the amount counted toward your fundraising goal.