Fundraising Campaigns

Form Types

GiveDirect currently offers these form templates for fundraising campaigns:

  • Donation
  • Employer Match
  • Event
  • Gift Dedication
  • Membership
  • Monthly Donation

Assistance with customizing a form is free of charge. This includes those forms that we customize for you (Event and Membership) as well as offering assistance with customizing a form in the Form Builder.

For additional information about creating an Event or Membership form, or to request assistance in customizing your donation form, please contact or call our toll-free number 866-459-6420.

Donation Form

A donation form template may be customized using any of the features offered in the Form Builder. This includes, but is not limited to, your logo or custom image, background color or background image, button and font colors, custom fields, fundraising progress bar, QR code, and Google analytics tracking.

For more information about creating and customizing your donation form, please see the related links in the Fundraising Campaigns help guide section.

Monthly Donation Form

This form is designed specifically for appeals intended to increase your monthly givers, and can also be used for membership drives. All donations processed through a Monthly Donation form are automatically set to recur monthly. There is no option to make a one-time gift on this form.

The form prompts the donor to set up login credentials for managing the donation through the Donor Portal at

The Gift Dedication and Employer Match options are not enabled on this form by default, but you can add them from the Form Builder page. As with all our templates, you can embed the Monthly Donation form into your web site.

Event Form

An Event form is a unique custom design created for you by our staff. An Event form can be customized for activities such as your annual gala, a golf tournament, or a training seminar: anywhere you sell tickets, offer sponsorship opportunities, or need to collect registration information.

As soon as you know the type of event and the type of information you need to collect on your form, give us a call so we can discuss all the options and possibilities. The event form and the design service is offered free of charge.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks prior to your event for us to create and test your form.

Membership Form

A Membership form is designed for those organizations that offer new and renewing membership opportunities. Membership may be offered annually or monthly.

Membership levels or tiers can be set, as well as thank you gifts received for different levels.

Gift Dedication

The Gift Dedication form is designed specifically for In Honor or In Memory donations. Charities who receive a large number of dedication gifts may find it useful to have a form with this feature at the top of the form where donors will see that option first.

Or, you may wish to run a dedication campaign as a fundraising appeal. You can see ideas for Gift Dedication campaigns in our article "Gift Dedication - What, When, Why, How"

Employer Match

This form is designed specifically for Employer Match donations. Employer Match allows your contributor to request a corporate matching gift for the donation amount. We use a third-party service provider called Amply to fulfill employer match donation requests.

Employer Match is an optional feature on your donation form (on by default, but may be turned off), but some charities find it useful to also offer a stand-alone form dedicated to Employer Match.