Recurring Payments

Account Updater: What is it and what can it do?

Recurring donations and memberships are convenient for your supporters and a stable source of revenue for you. When a recurring payment can't be processed because of an expired credit card or a new card number, it's troublesome both for you and for your donor.

GiveDirect offers Account Updater to keep your recurring payments running smoothly.

Each month, we query the issuing banks for any cards that have an upcoming expiration date or for cards that have recently declined. The banks return information to us about the accounts. With this information, we can automatically update account numbers and expiration dates. And, if an account has closed or cannot be updated, we can alert you so that you can proactively reach out to your donor.

Since putting Account Updater in place, we've seen a 50% reduction in donations that are interrupted for any length of time because of a declined or expired card. And best of all? This benefit is offered free of charge; it's included as part of your GiveDirect platform.

Account Updater will:

  • Return a new expiration date

  • Return a new card number

  • Tell us if an account has been closed


  • Not all banks participate in the Account Updater program.

  • American Express is not included in Account Updater.

  • Account Updater is not available for eCheck transactions.