Recurring Payments

Donor Communication

Success or failure confirmation

Each month as payments are processed, the donor (or member) will receive an email to confirm payment status. A donor whose payment failed for any reason will be notified by email of the problem and directed to the Donor Portal at to provide a new payment method.

Card about to expire notice

Donors whose credit card is about to expire will receive a notice directing them to the Donor Portal to update their card information. Donors receive these notices two months prior to the card expiring, one month prior, and during the same month as the expiration. If the donor fails to update the expiration date, the recurring donation will be terminated during the month following the expiration.

For example: A donor whose card expires on March 31 will receive a notice on January 15th, February 15th, and March 15th. If no action is taken, the donation will be terminated prior to April 15th.

Annual donation reminder notice

A donor giving annually will receive a reminder email the month before the donation is processed. The notice asks the donor to review the payment method on file and update it if necessary through the Donor Portal.

Even though GiveDirect sends confirmations and notices, there is no assurance that a donor will read emails from GiveDirect. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the charity be proactive in contacting donors directly when transactions fail.

To see a complete list of emails sent to donors and charities along with examples, visit the Help Guide section Email Notifications.