Recurring Payments

How to edit a recurring payment

Go to Recurring Payments.

Search for an individual contributor by using the name fields on the left.

To view all recurring payments, use the quick links and select "All active recurring payments".

Make sure to delete any dates in the date range fields to ensure an accurate search!

From the summary page, click the Transaction ID to open the detail page.

To update the payment method

  • Go to the bottom of the transaction detail page and click the button "Add or Change Credit Card" or "Add or Change eCheck".

  • For credit/debit cards, enter the full card number, security code, and expiration date. Click the "Save Changes" button to save the new information.

  • For a checking account (eCheck), enter the full routing number and the full account number. Click the "Save Changes" button to save the new checking information.

  • To update only the expiration date, follow the instructions above but only enter the new expiration date and click "Save Changes". The card number and security code are not required if the only change is to the expiration date.

Processing missed payments

If your donor wishes to make up any missed payments, please notify GiveDirect at or 866-459-6420. We will be happy to process any missed payments.

Updating transaction information

From the recurring payment detail page, you can update the amount, add or remove a fee cover, and update the contributor's contact information. You can also change the program or activity to which the donation was restricted.

To change information in the Recurring Transaction (the record that holds the flag that tells us to process a recurring payment):

  • Go to Recurring Payments.

  • Find the donor's record using the name fields.

    (Make sure there are no dates in the date range fields.)

  • On the summary page, click the transaction ID to open the detail page.

  • Update the contact or transaction information as necessary.

  • To update the program/fund designation, click the update button. Then select the new designation from the drop-down list.

To access one of the monthly transactions (a transaction processed by GiveDirect on the 15th), follow the same steps above but go to Transactions Reports rather than Recurring Payments.