Recurring Payments

Recurring transaction policies - general terms and conditions

  1. GiveDirect processes recurring payments once a month, on or about the 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, recurring transactions may by delayed until the next business day.

    The donor's email receipt states this policy, but many donors gloss over these details. It is good practice for the charity to communicate this policy to their donors.

  2. Recurring contributions will continue to run until the donor or charity requests termination or the payment is stopped due to out-of-date card information.

    The GiveDirect platform does not have an option to specify a recurring term (number of payments). If a donor or member enters a termination date in the form's comment field, it is the charity's responsibility to monitor such requests and cancel the transaction at the appropriate time.

  3. A recurring contribution may be auto canceled if the card expiration date has passed or if the contribution has been declined for two consecutive months.

  4. A recurring payment will not be processed twice within a calendar month unless requested by the contributor. Automatic processing begins the month following origination.

    For example, if your donor sets up a recurring donation on February 5th, the card is charged on February 5th but not on February 15th. The next processing date for this donation will be March 15th.

  5. A recurring payment that is declined on the 15th of the month, and is subsequently updated through the Donor Portal prior to the end of the month, will be automatically reprocessed for the missed contribution. However, if the account is not updated until the following month, the previous month's payment will not be reprocessed without a request from the donor or charity.

    For example, if a recurring payment is declined on February 15th and the donor updates the payment method before February 28th through the Donor Portal, the recurring payment would automatically be reprocessed for the missed February payment. However, if the account is not updated until after March 1st, the payment would not be automatically reprocessed for the missed February payment; the donor or charity would have to request that the missed payment be processed manually.

  6. There is no way to reprocess a recurring payment from the control panel.

    If the payment method is updated by the charity from the control panel, the charity must request that any missed payments be reprocessed by contacting GiveDirect.