Manage Transactions

Issue refunds

To issue a refund, go to Transaction Reports. From the Transaction Reports summary page, click the Refund link next to the Approved status.

On the next page, enter the refund amount and click the button "Issue A Refund".

  • A refund may be processed up to six months following the transaction day.
  • Please let your donor know to allow up to 10 business days to see the refund deposited back to the card or checking account.

After a refund is processed, you will see a message with the processing details.

When a refund is processed, both the donor and the charity will receive an email notification of the action.

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a means of refund initiated by the donor through the donor's card issuer.

When GiveDirect is notified of a chargeback through our gateway provider, we will make an entry into the database, the charity will receive an email that a chargeback was entered, and funds will be withheld from the charity's next deposit.

Many times a donor will dispute an unrecognized transaction by mistake. It is therefore important that the charity contact all donors who file a chargeback.

If the chargeback is a result of a duplicate payment, no contact with the donor is necessary. However, if the donor is paying for services or merchandise, it is critical that the charity make contact with the donor to resolve any issues.

If the chargeback was made in error, the donor must contact the card issuer and ask for a chargeback reversal. Unfortunately, there is nothing that GiveDirect can do to facilitate a chargeback Reversal -- it is in the hands of the donor and the card issuer.

For more information please view the section on Chargebacks for more information.