Transaction Fees

Credit/Debit Card transaction fees are based on three components:

  • a credit card percentage (the fee charged by the credit card companies)
  • a per transaction fee (a fee charged by the payment gateway provider)
  • a platform percentage (our cost to maintain and improve the GiveDirect platform)

eCheck transaction fees are based on two components:

  • a platform percentage
  • a per transaction fee

Employer Match (EM) fees are calculated at 15% of the original transaction. EM donations are charged transactions fees as outlined above, plus the EM Matching fee.

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Credit Card processing fees are non-refundable. Employer Match fees are only refundable in the event the donor's employer denies the matching request.


Adjustments are made for items such as add-on subscriptions (integrations and Text2Give), corrections to deposits, or corrections to Employer Match fees.

You may see any adjustments along with an explanation of the adjustment in your deposit summary page.

Figure 1

Where can I see the Fees charged?

Processing percentages paid by the charity may be seen in your Account Settings page under the Pricing tab.

Figure 2

The "Deposit Detail" page will summarize the transactions included in the deposit

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  • To see a breakout of the total fees, click the blue button (Figure 3 (A)) in the "Fees" column.
  • The column will expand to show the individual fees (Figure 3 (B)) that make up the total fee amount.
  • Click on "View Transactions in this Deposit" (Figure 3 (C)) to see the list of each transaction and its associated fees included in the deposit.
Figure 3