Custom Event Forms

If you are hosting an event and would like to offer guest registration and/or tickets sales, you may want to consider an Event form. Depending on your requirements, some charities find that a standard donation form will suite all their needs. Others will want something with more customizable features that requires assistance from GiveDirect staff.

Note: For a standard donation form, please follow the instructions for Creating a Campaign.

Creating an Event Form

Go to Campaigns > Fundraising Forms. Use the Fundraising Forms link on the Main Menu or the link in the top navigation bar.

Figure 1

Click the drop-down for "Add A New Campaign" and select Event.

Click the green "Start" button.

Note: For more information on form types, please see the related section Fundraising Form Types.

Figure 2

On the next screen, use the navigation menu on the left to customize your form, i.e., add your event or charity logo, add Header Text to outline the date, time and location of the event, add your custom colors and custom fields, etc. When complete (any maybe a couple of time in between if you have a lot of editig), Click the Button "Create This Form."

All sections of the form are editable by you with the exception of the ticket and registration sections. For assistance with these, please email our support staff with your requirements (i.e., ticket prices and levels, will the form require just ticket sales or tickets and guest registration, etc.).

Figure 3

Note: Please allow between 7 and 10 days for GiveDirect assistance with adding custom event features.

After GiveDirect staff has edited the form with your ticketing and registration requirements, you will receive an email with the form link information.

You can also see your form link, request a custom URL, Preview the Form or deactivete the form using the buttons at the top of the page. (Figure 4)

Figure 4