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Case Study: Text2Give
Posted: October 2, 2020
This article specifically addresses the fundraising challenges and solution for one of our member charities. Please let us know how we can help you apply this or other problem-solving techniques to your fundraising needs.


Shady Grove Pregnancy Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland


To save lives and offer healing. Help bring new technology and programs to those in crisis.

The Fundraising Problem:

Running an annual fundraising campaign with local churches during a pandemic. br>
In the past, Shady Grove distributed baby bottles to participating churches for their annual fundraising campaign. Church parishioners would then fill the bottles with their change and cash. This year, setbacks due to church closures, social distancing and health-related concerns made this year's fundraiser much more of a challenge.

year-end statement image

The Solution

The charity turned to the GiveDirect support team to brainstorm ways to take their campaign virtual and to take advantage of our free design assistance.

The solution was a microsite landing page (right) that lists each participating church and shows how much each has raised for the campaign. This simple technique encourages friendly competition between the participating church members to see who can raise the most money for the charity - a feature that wasn't possible with the in-person campaign.

Each of the church graphics are linked to a unique fundraising form that the charity was able to create quickly and easily by using the "Duplicate Form" button in the Fundraising Forms area of their control panel.


The other critical element of this virtual campaign is GiveDirect's new Text-To-Give feature.

How-Text-to-Give works:
  • Donors text a special phone number provided by GiveDirect that has been enabled with a SMS autoresponder.
  • When a donor texts "Give" to the number, he/she will receive a return text with a link to the microsite landing page or charity's fundraising form. The donor may then contribute easily using his/her phone.
  • When Text-to-Give is linked to a micro landing page or fundraising form what is enabled with a progress bar, the donor will immediately see the results of his/her donation and the total fundraising progress to date.


The staff at Shady Grove Pregnancy Center are extremely happy with the virtual campaign and are looking forward to outstanding campaign results. They are so happy, that they have decided to continue to use a microsite landing page and Text-to-Give feature in conjunction with their future in-person baby bottles campaigns.