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Background Image Best Practices

Posted: January, 2020

General Info

When you upload a page background image in the GiveDirect control panel, it will be treated as as a single image stretched across the width of the page by default.

The background image will be fixed, meaning that your content will scroll up the screen but the background image itself will not move.

How To Upload an Image

To upload a background image, open the form you wish to edit from the My Forms page of the GiveDirect control panel. The background image is found in the section of the editing page called Form Basics. Select the photo from your computer that you wish to upload and then click Save Changes.

Fading Your Image Into A Background Color

To add an additional effect to your photo, you can apply a background color and fade the photo into the selected color. Try fading into black for a dramatic effect, or fading into white for a soothing effect.

Original Image
original image
Image With Fade To White Background Color
faded image

Repeating Background Image

If you want a repeating background image, upload your image first, then check the box above the background image labeled "Make This Image Repeating" and click "Save Changes."

Photo Size (for a single background image)

Any photo size will work for a background image. However, since the images are stretched to cover the screen, a larger image will be sharper and clearer. If you use a photo that's too small, you'll see it become fuzzy on larger screens.

We recommend a minimum photo size of 1920 x 1080 for your background image. This is large enough to look great even on wide screen monitors.

File Size

The maximum file size for your photo is 4MB. You should be able to save your photo as a JPG in a size much smaller than this.

More Image Examples

Single Background Image

Tiled Background Image