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Don't Miss Out On Employer Matching Gifts
Posted: April 2022
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Employee Giving

Imagine this: Chloe is employed by a corporation that announces it will be starting a philanthropy platform in the office. Chloe is excited to participate, hoping she can help make a difference in the world either monetarily or through volunteering, but she isn't quite sure which organization she wants to support. The good news for Chloe is that her company offers an easy-to-use portal where she can research various verified organizations and find the one(s) that speak to her heart. The ease of use and availability of this information on the platform has made it easy for Chloe to make a choice, pledge to an organization on the platform, and see her gift matched by her employer.

Now more than ever, workers indicate it is important for them to work for a company that is supportive of giving and volunteering opportunities. In response, more and more companies are utilizing online giving platforms. As a nonprofit, corporate campaigns & matching gifts are not revenue streams you want to miss out on. Yet, you may be doing just that.

An impressive $2-3 Billion is donated through matching gift programs annually -- and yet -- it is estimated that a whopping $4-7 Billion goes unclaimed per year (source Double the Donation)

Why? It is estimated that only 10% of donors submit a match request. Many donors have a preconceived notion that it's a complicated and time-consuming process. However, as a charity, you can remove many barriers and make the process easy for corporations and donors alike. How? By registering with various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platforms.

The simple step of registering with a variety of CSR platforms will increase your charity's visibility, expand the chance of employer matching gifts, and create ease for your donors.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a term used to describe a company's efforts to improve society in some way. These efforts can range from donating money to nonprofits to implementing environmentally friendly policies in the workplace. Many businesses are moving toward incorporating CSR policies into their company culture in hope of beneficially impacting their community, boosting company morale, and creating a positive buzz around their brand.

What is a CSR Platform?

A CSR platform is a tool companies can use to manage their CSR program. CSR Platforms allow donors to request matching gifts from their employer. These software platforms also screen donations to ensure gifts meet their company's matching gift criteria, verify the match, and transfer funds to the employee's organization of choice. They can also be used to log volunteer hours, review and approve grant requests.

Why are CSR Platforms Important to You, a Nonprofit?

  • Visibility:
    Your organization will be listed in search results on CSR Platforms and thus may reach new donors who have not heard of you before in addition to those donors who seek your organization out specifically.

  • Greater Chance of Matching Gifts:
    Employers offering matching gift programs dictate the eligibility requirements of those organizations they agree to match donations to. Because they often also require employees to process their gifts through whichever CSR platform they are using, companies tend to rely on the CSR management platforms to verify those groups, something that is often only done for those organizations who have registered with that Platform in advance.

  • One Registration, Many Companies:
    It's also important to remember many different companies are utilizing the same CSR platforms and thus, registering with one platform may open your organization up to pledges from a wide array of workplaces and thus open the possibility of matching donations up to more and more of your donors.

Now that you understand the benefits of registering your organization with various CSR platforms, you are probably wondering what that may involve. Good news, we're here to help!

To learn more about the registration process and specific requirements of several of the major CSR Platforms, please click the button below: