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Event Guest/Participants Report

Posted: September 2020

Viewing or Downloading Your Event Guests

one click report menu

Viewing or downloading your event guest information is easy with the Event Guest one click report.

From the main menu of the control panel, or from the Transaction Reports page, use the One Click Reports drop-down menu and select Event Guest/Participants report.

Next, select your event from the Event drop-down menu on the report page. If your event runs annually, you will need to include Start and End date to pull only the current year's guest list. To see a list of guests over all dates, leave the date fields blank and click Search Now.

Understanding The Report Fields

event report page

The event guest report is a compilation of several fields.

The standard information collected for each guest is first name, last name, and email address. There is a fourth guest information field that is customizable. This fourth field, labeled on your report "Other Guest Info" is commonly used to collect a phone number, a golfer's handicap index, or a meal choice.

The other fields that will appear on the event guest report are the custom fields that you set up for your event. You can create up to nine custom fields for any event registration page. These fields can be a combination of text input fields, drop-down menus, or checkbox fields. The information gathered in these custom fields will appear for each guest in your report. Fields that are commonly used for events are dietary restrictions, table seating preferences, or conference breakout session selections.

The Registrant Name field in your report is the name of the person who completed the registration form.

report fields

To download the report to a spreadsheet, click the Download Report link under the "Search Results" heading.

Changing Guest Information

report fields

To modify any of the main guest information fields, go to the transaction detail page from Transaction Reports. You must have a user role of Administrator to change a guest field. Once you have made the change, click the Save Changes button on the detail page. You can also delete a guest record, but we recommend caution since the data cannot be recovered once it is deleted.