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New Fundraising Options From Fee Model Change
Posted: August 20, 2020


A benefit of a split-fee model of pricing is that we can remove the mandatory minimum donation amount.

To keep things easy, the default minimum donation amount will remain $5. But, you can now set a minimum amount as low as $1, or at any higher amount that you like. You can set a different minimum per campaign which will allow you to do some creative things. Keep reading to learn more.

Micro Campaign

A micro campaign is a fundraising appeal that asks for very small donations, usually less than $5.

Why consider running a Micro campaign?

Are there people in your community or mission area that have never contributed to your cause? A micro campaign is the perfect way to provide some donor-based education, create enthusiasm for your cause, and grow your donor database. It's ideal for social media campaigns. So let's get creative!! and have some fun!

Run A Micro Campaign - Here's Some Ideas

The $1 Campaign
  • Create a campaign with a minimum $1 donation.
  • Post the campaign details on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for all your followers to see.
  • Ask your followers to share the link with 10 friends asking for a $1 donation to support your cause.

Cinco De Mayo image
Cinco de Mayo campaign
  • Create a campaign with a $5 minimum for Cinco de Mayo.
  • Post on social media and ask your followers to send to 5 friends.
  • Other suggested amounts can be $55 and $550.

Happy Hour $5 at 5 campaign
  • Ask your social media followers to organize happy hour for a cause this month with a $5 at 5 campaign.
  • Ask them to send your campaign link to 5 friends with a happy hour Zoom invitation.

*Note - small donations will have a higher effective processing fee. The amount of money raised through a micro campaign may be affected by that processing percentage. However, the goal of a micro campaign is to grow your donor base. Once you get your "foot in the door," so to speak, then you can concentrate on increasing your donor's commitment to your cause.

Run A Fixed Minimum Campaign - Here's How

Anniversary image
Say it's your charity's 25th anniversary.
  • Create a campaign with a minimum donation of $25 in honor of the anniversary.
  • Other suggested amounts can be $250 and $2500.
  • Consider asking a large donor to turn this into a matching gift campaign, as well!
  • This campaign also works well for birthdays -- how about honoring your president's or founder's birthday?
Women's Sufferage image

How about a Pi Day Campaign
  • Run a campaign with a minimum donation amount of $3.14.
Giving Women the Right to Vote
  • Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with a campaign that carries a minimum donation amount of $19. Other suggested amounts can be $100 and $1920.

*Note: We understand that you may not wish to limit someone's ability to donate by setting a higher threshold for a minimum amount. But, you now have the option. The set minimum campaign ideas also all work by using the standard suggested amount buttons with an other amount for smaller gifts.

Run An eCheck Campaign - Here's How

eCheck image
  • eChecks have a processing fee of only 1% + $.30.
  • Run a campaign encouraging your recurring donors to send less of their gift to the credit card companies and more to you by switching their recurring payments over to auto check debit.