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Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas
Posted: November 25, 2020
Giving Tuesday graphic

Kick-off to End-of-Year Giving

Giving Tuesday has come to mark the kick-off day for the end of year giving season. While December 31st is still the largest single giving day of the year, Giving Tuesday represents an important holiday that you should use to launch your seasonal year end campaigns.

Annually, you should take some time to evaluate what you did last year and determine what your goals will be for this year's campaign. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

  • Are your Giving Tuesday donors new or returning givers, on average?
  • Have you been able to convert last year's Giving Tuesday donors into monthly or annually auto renewing supporters?
  • Can you try something new with this year's GT campaign, like tying it to a particular goal amount, using it to kick of a month long giving goal, or combining it with a match goal?
  • Can you tie this year's GT campaign to a story that you told last year, like showing how your results last year concretely impacted your mission?

Segment your Donors

Once you have a strategy in mind for this year's Giving Tuesday campaign, think about segmenting your donor list. You will want to send a separate appeal to those who gave to you last year on Giving Tuesday than to other donors. You may be able to build a list of supporters who use Giving Tuesday to regularly make an annual donation to you and you need to acknowledge them for that.

Your Donation Page

Here are some Giving Tuesday donation form recommendations.

Separate. Use a separate donation form than what you use for your general donations.

Re-Use. You don't have to create a new form each year for GT. You can re-use the GT campaign donation form each year and track donors year over year using the date range search fields in your Transaction Reports.

Simplify. Think about simplifying the donation form that you use for Giving Tuesday. While your general donation form might have lots of custom fields for collecting additional information, you might want to streamline your GT campaign form to make the donation process fast and easy. You might want to remove the Gift Dedication section, for example, and you might not want to include any additional questions with custom fields.

Giving Tuesday graphic

Create. Make sure that you create a Custom Email Receipt for your GT campaign that is specific to Giving Tuesday and whatever goal you have created for the day.

Logos. Be sure to use Giving Tuesday graphics and logos on your GT donation page.