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One Click Reports
Updated: August 30, 2021
Posted: August 27, 2020

What are One-Click Reports?

One Click Reports are those reports that many of our clients say they need on a frequent basis.

The most commonly used are at the top of the list: Today's Transactions, Yesterday's Transactions, This Month's Transactions and Last Month's Transactions. You will also find reports for Totals Summary Report, Donor Year-End Summary Report, Contact Report, Gift Dedications and more.

Where/How do I access the One-Click Reports?

Your will find the One-CLick Reports on the main landing page of the Control Panel...
Or you may access them from the entry page into Transaction Reports.

What Types of Rports Will I Find?

  • The Totals Summary Report provides a quick look at valuable statistical and financial data for the period you identify.

    The information is presented in summary format by active form.
  • Please note that the Totals Report is collating and calculating data from a few different database areas, so please be patient if it takes a bit of time, especially if you are pulling data for several months.

  • The Donor Year-End Summary Report consists of an email letter and an attachment listing all transactions for the year. Both are customizable using the built-in content editor. Please see the Related Article "Donor Year-End Statement" for more information and how to create a Donor YES."

  • Need to import donors into a mail list? The Contact Report (or Unique Donor list) is the report for you. View a list of all your donors with contact info. Separate donors by one time or recurring.

    Note: Donors are pulled by email address, so it is possible to have a donor listed more than once if he or she has made a donation using different email addresses.

  • If you send letters for donations made in memory or in honor of someone, you will find the Gift Dedication Report invaluable. With one click you will see all donations that include a request for a tribute notification letter or email on a single page.

I Need A Report Not In The List

If you find there is a particular style of report that you use on a monthly basis, but that is not currently offered, let us know. If we can create it for you, we would be pleased to do so. Use the Customer Service tab at the top of the page and let us know of your request.

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