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Case Study: GiveDirect + PayPal
Posted: August 27, 2020


Help Animals India, Seattle, Washington

Charity's Mission:

Providing rescue, care, and sanctuary for India's animals

You don't have to choose between PayPal and a more robust payment platform. You can have both.

We noticed that Help Animals India was using a prominent Donate Now bar on its web site that featured both GiveDirect and PayPal options side by side. Executive Director Eileen Weintraub told us, "Some of my donors prefer using PayPal. I want to give them that choice."

Having a choice of donation options on your web site means a greater chance of getting that donation. Some donors will use their PayPal account whenever possible because it's a brand they know and trust. Younger donors, on the other hand, may not have a PayPal account at all and don't want to set one up. If they have to go through a form that requires a sign in page, they will probably abandon the donation process.

You don't have to choose between the two. Follow the example of Help Animals India and offer both options.

Because a GiveDirect form is so flexible, it does give you options that PayPal cannot provide. Perhaps you want to continue using PayPal for general donations, but you'd love to run a campaign to increase your number of monthly donors. Or, you are having an event soon. GiveDirect can tailor payment forms specifically for these things, making it a useful tool to have in your fundraising toolbelt.

Combining GiveDirect and PayPal together can be a win/win for your organization!