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Fundraising Progress Bar
Posted: September 28, 2020
Progress bar image

The Fundraising Progress Bar is a tool to visually communicate with your supporters.

Showing your campaign goal and your progress towards that goal can motivate your donors and encourage contributions.

Display Options

how it appears on large screens
On Your Donation Page
It's easy to enable a progress bar for any fundraising page from the My Forms section of your GiveDirect control panel. On large screens, the progress bar will appear at the top of the right column. On small screens, it will appear beneath the logo. On embedded forms, it will appear at the top of the page.

On Your Own Web Site
Embed the progress bar directly onto a page on your own web site with our progress bar widget (shown top of page). This widget can also be shared with anyone who is fundraising for you. Got a savvy Facebook administrator? Use a Facebook iframe app to display the progress bar on your Facebook page.

Automatic Updates

The progress bar is automatically updated each time a donation is made to your campaign.

Adding Cash and Check Transactions to your Progress Bar

Progress bar Add a Transaction
Once your Progress Bar is added to a fundraising form, a new button labeled "Add A Transaction" will appear at the top of the Edit Form page next to the Preview Form button.

Click the button to record any fundraising proceeds that are collected from other sources like checks and cash. The amount will be added to your fundraising total and will be calculated in the progress bar.

Progress bar Add a Transaction

You can see the amounts you've added by clicking on the "View Added Transactions." You can also see the added transactions in your Transaction Reports. The donor's name will not appear in the transaction report, so keep that information recorded elsewhere.

If you find on error in the added transaction(s), you may delete that transaction and re-enter it.

How Do I Get A Progress Bar?

Watch the video tutorial below to see how to enable the progress bar for your donation page. To get the embed code for the progress bar widget, submit a request. The embed code snippet can normally be delivered to you within one business day.