Help Guide
Reassign Transaction from One Fundraising
Form to Another
Updated: October 22, 2020

Scenario 1: Your organization has operations in multiple cities and each of those cities has its own fundraising form. You also have a donor in city A who is moving to city B. He would like his recurring support to move with him. You would rather not ask him to set up a new donation. What can you do?

Scenario 2: You have a similar fundraising event each year, and each year you create a new form with a progress bar to track your fundraising progress. The forms have the same basic design with only small changes. This year your long-time donor mistakenly accessed an old, saved version of last year's event form when she made her donation. Now your progress bar is off by the amount of her generous donation. You don't want to refund the donation and ask her to use the current form. What can you do?

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar or perhaps plausible?

We have a solution for you! Let us introduce you to the new "Reassign This Transaction" button so you can reassign a donation from one fundraising form to another.

To locate the "reassign" button,

  • Go to Transaction Reports and click on the Transaction ID to get into the detail page.

  • Locate the Reassign button in the upper Transaction Information section, next to the Form ID.
  • Reassign Transaction Button
  • Click the green "Reassign This Transaction" button and a drop-down menu with your other form names will appear.

  • Make your section and save by clicking on the Reassign button.
  • Reassign Transaction Button

If your form has a progress bar the amount on the new (or old) progress bar will be updated.

Also, if the reassigned transaction is recurring, the master transaction will also be updated so future transactions will be assigned correctly. Note: the reassignment will only apply to future donations. If the donation is recurring, you may need to also reassign past transactions.